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Use Cases


Deployment Compliance

Service deployment at client side often faces information security regulations. It is necessary to establish complex firewall rules, which incur significant management costs when an architecture change is required.

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Adopting the principle of least privilege reduces the attack surface. The abuser is unable to use upgraded privileges to expand access and proceed lateral movement. Effectively prevent malicious or unintentional damage to critical systems.


Network Management

Public IP port security represents vulnerabilities, frequent cyberattacks are penetrating via IP router VPN.


Using an untrusted and unprotected network, could be easily infected by ransomware. The ransomware controlling a server will infect other servers by a lateral movement.

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Invisible IP and distributed virtual IP protect the connection environment from public exposure. With the principle of least privilege, minimize attack surface secure critical systems.

Maintenance Security

The maintenance of deployed products needs to connect regularly to client environments remotely. A secure management method and conforms to audit specifications is required.

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Centralized user access management system ensuring resources and data are allocated to the right and necessary user. Accounts are protected by 2FA authentication system.


Record of activity information connected to SIEM and blockchain systems, ensuring immutability and the integrity of the record.

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